Some testimonials

I just wanted to thank you all for your courage and standing up for those of us who have been to horribly spiritually abused, in my case by the Catholic Church. Even though I know better, the hateful ignorance displayed so often by so-called Christians still takes its toll. God bless you.
  -- D.D., Phoenix, AZ 6/15/2004

I am not a member of the clergy, but I am a former seminarian and I want to thank you and congratulate you for your brave statement in support of GLBT people. You are doing a great service for justice and Christian witness. Thank you!
  -- RSvK in San Diego 5/18/2004

Thank you clergy for speaking out for people like me and my partner of 30 years. Sadly, I no longer consider myself Catholic and am struggling with the misunderstanding of Christ's message of love and inclusion. You give me hope...thank you.
  -- Karen Allison, Tucson AZ 5/18/2004

My partner and I just wanted to say thank you for your COURAGE and STRENGTH to stand up for us -- all gay people. Thank you for your "civil disobedience" this weekend. I wish we could participate with you -- but I am still in the Military and though I can fight and die for my country -- I still can not get married and would lose nearly 20 years of service if anyone found out. Thank you so very much for showing the world what I believe is the true meaning of Jesus' love your neighbor -- thank you for everything.
  -- MD 5/18/2004

Dear Catholic and other Christian Clergy Signers of the Phoenix Declaration,
During a recent trip to Arizona, I learned of the Phoenix Declaration, and have just had the opportunity to visit the "No Longer Silent" website. I was delighted to hear of your effort and see so many Christian clergy including a number of Catholic clergy among those who have signed on to this marvelous declaration.
As the Vatican intensifies the hostility of its attacks against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and against our family and friends, it is both more dangerous and more imperative that Catholic clergy join other religious leaders in voicing support for GLBT people. This is important for individuals who struggle with the interface of sexuality/gender identity and religion, as well as in affecting public policy. Thank you for taking the risk of putting your name to this important document.
As we approach Holy Week, it seems very appropriate to once again commend all of you for daring to raise your voice to call for justice for those whom the Church has marginalized. Thank you for the hope you offer to all people through this witness.
  -- C. Samuel Sinnett, DignityUSA Board of Directors 5/9/2003

I just read the letter in the Arizona Republic today. It was very moving. As a parent of a gay son who has always been accepted at the table, I feel for the many who are not. My son came out at 20 to us; he is now 28. The best thing he did was direct us to PFLAG where I became very active until moving from NY. I wish the Christian community could be more accepting in general. I will show your article to both my sons- the gay one and the Christian theology student. Unfortunately, their reactions will be quite different. We have just moved to Prescott from NY. Wish I lived closer to Phoenix so I could attend your meetings. Thanks again for your beautiful letter.
  -- Sherry in Prescott 2/13/2003

As a Gay man living in Phoenix, I just wanted to say Thanks to all who have participated in this very brave and courageous act! At 55 years of age, I have grown so weary of the "right wing" religious community debating if I have a right to exist on this planet, and if my life has any value. I wonder if they will someday picket my funeral, arguing whether I should have even been born! You are a breath of fresh air and enlightenment in an otherwise rather dark world when it comes to the subject of being Gay. Thank you again, and please continue to have a voice, especially for those of us who can't.
  -- WB in Phoenix 2/10/2003

I applaud your organization and what it stands for. What you are attempting to accomplish is truly amazing, and a just service to the GLBT community, of which I am a member. The religions right is being exposed for what it really is - a hotbed of bigotry, hypocrisy, and evil. Who are they to say which people are accepted by God? Their ranks are filled with adulterers, child molesters, wife beaters, and gay bashers who stand behind their self-serving and skewed interpretation of the bible to justify their tiny lives. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a million times over for taking a stand and embracing us for who we really are - children of God.
  -- Rodney in Phoenix 2/8/2003